We too often take our garage door opener for granted. It allows us convenient and safe access to our garages and often our homes. It provides security and protection against unauthorized entry onto our property.

Garage door operators are either screw or chain operated. We prefer the chain type. We have found it is the most reliable operator. It is easy to maintain and has a long life. Unlike the screw type, it will never drip lubricant on your garage floor – or worse! When installing an opener, we always make sure we properly adjust the power settings. An improper adjustment can cause damage to the door or tracks. We have also found that the ½ HP motor is an excellent motor to power the drive and easily lift today’s garage doors.

At All Spring Garage Door Repair we have installed hundreds of garage door operators. If it is time to either replace or repair your operator, give us a call. I’m sure you will be happy with our quality service.